Shadow Equipment and Costumes in AsgardRO can be 'upgraded' or 'refined' by specific upgrade NPCs in Damascene Ago to make them exceedingly powerful. Upgrading your Costumes and Shadow Equipment use a different system than normal, and it isn't unusual to see gear upgraded above +10 in AsgardRO. All equipment has a maximum upgrade level of +20, starting at +0. +0 items do not have a prefix, but once they are upgraded, the number of upgrade levels will be displayed on the equipment.

  • Ex. "+7" Costume: Sybil System.

Effects GainedEdit

Any upgraded Shadow Garment will receive the following bonus.

  • Every +1 refinement gives 7 ATK,
  • 0~14 ATK for every refinement passed the +7 safety limit,
  • 12 ATK for every 'High Upgrade' passed +15.
  • A +20 Shadow Garment gives 201~424 extra ATK and MATK.
  • Shadow Garment Enchantments available in AsgardRO have stats and attributes that scale on refinement level.

Other Costume and Shadow Equpiment will receive the following bonuses

  • Every upgrade at +1 ~ +4 gives +1 HARD DEF.
  • Every +1 upgrade at +5 ~ +8 gives +2 HARD DEF.
  • Every +1 upgrade at +9 ~ +12 gives +3 HARD DEF.
  • Every +1 upgrade at +13 ~ +16 gives +4 HARD DEF.
  • Every +1 upgrade at +17 ~ +20 gives +5 HARD DEF
  • A great amount of Costumes and Shadow Equipment have stats & attributes that scale on their refinement level.

Safety Level in AsgardRO! Edit

The Safety Level is the maximum level of refinement that can be given to equipment with guaranteed success (0% chance of failure). Anything past the safety level has chance to fail, and failure means your equipment will be permanently destroyed, including any cards and other enchantments it may have had. You won't be refunded Zeny nor the ore used to upgrade if, given it's failure. Give careful thought before deciding if you want to upgrade a piece of equipment beyond its safety level!

  • Shadow Garment
    • Safety Level +7
  • Costumes and Shadow Equipment
    • All other armor types have Safety Level +5

Success ChancesEdit

This is the approximate upgrade success chances of AsgardRO's Shadow Blacksmithing.

Upgrade Shadow Garment Costume and Shadow Gear
+5 -> +6 100% 90%
+6 -> +7 100% 85%
+7 -> +8 90% 80%
+8 -> +9 85% 75%
+10 -> +11 80% 70%
+11 -> +12 75% 65%
+12 -> +13 70% 60%
+13 -> +14 65% 55%
+14 -> +15 60% 50%
+15 -> +16 55% (etc) 45% (etc)

Precious Materials Edit

The more you get beyond the safety level, the higher are the chances that your equipment gets permanently destroyed, along with its cards or other enchantments. However, certain items are available in AsgardRO that allow you to upgrade items without risk of permanently losing them! Instead of breaking your gear, the Shadowsmith will instead reduce it's refinement level by 1.

  • Whilst it is allowed to use Elunium and Oridecon for unsafe Shadow Refining, HD Elunium & HD Oridecon are ONLY used to refine regular equipment safely to +10. The method using these materials will NOT be accepted when attempting to refine Costumes or Shadow Equipment through any Shadowsmith NPC.
  • It is worth mentioning however, that a refined Gaia Sword sold at the custom Item Mall will allow HD Elunium & HD Oridecon to drop as loot from specific mobs when killed.

For any and all Costume or Shadow Equipment refinements under +10, Deep Azul must be used. It offers the same protection of reducing your gear's refinement by 1 instead of breaking it when used to refine and it is both synthesized and utilized through NPCs found Fishing. (@fish)

For any and all Costumes & Shadow Equipment refinements above +10, they will require materials that are typically necessary to safely refine equipment..

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